The University of Utah offers scholarships to students based upon academic excellence provided students have applied and submitted all credentials to the University by December 1, 2013.


Non-resident students from CA, CO, ID, IL, NV, WA with excellent academic credentials (GPA 3.0+, ACT 26+, SAT 1170+) will receive the Freshman Academic Achievement Award for Non-Residents or (FAAA). The amount of this award increases as academic credentials increase.


The Department of Ballet offers various scholarships to both entering and continuing students. Entering students are considered for departmental scholarships based on merit as demonstrated in their application materials and at their audition. Entering students should also complete FAFSA information by February 15 in order that financial need can be taken into account as appropriate.


Continuing students are considered for Departmental scholarships based on their accomplishments within the university, within the department and upon consideration of their Scholarship Application.


Initial scholarship awards are made during March, 2014.